Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher

Chitika is an advertising program for the Advertiser and Publisher. Based PPC (Pay per Click) like Google Adsense but have many differences, one of them non-English-language Web site was also in approv. So Chitika arguably the best alernative from Google Adsense.

Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher
Yet another alternative for those who have accepted, rejected, or not yet meet the requirements of Google Adsense, Chitika advertising network please try this. To be able to be a Chitika Publisher, accounts and Blog we need to be approved or the approval of the Chitika. To be able to approve of Chitika is very easy, of course, to comply with regulations and meet the requirements of the Chitika. There is a requirement to register at Chitika, which unfortunately I forgot to mention to tell the friend all. Please buddies find out alone, of course, the requirements of Chitika is much lighter than Google Adsense.

So what PPC advertising agency? so here, we analogy for granted that you have a clothing store business. Well-known that your business then you need the name of promotion either via online and offline media, if in the offline world you can take advantage of banner ads, billboards, banners or leaflets in the virtual world then you need an advertising agency.

Working system advertising agency that is you pay a deposit for the cost of advertising to the advertising agencies, the advertising gives your ads to publishers (publishers advertising / blog owner / manager of the website) nah instantly your ad will be in the hundreds or even thousands of blog owners that have registered became publisher in an advertising agency.

Excess Chitika Ad?

Display ads that are innovative, attractive appearance and does not reduce the aesthetic value of a website (Chitika eMiniMalls, Related Product Unit (RPU), ShopLincs, ShopCloud $, owna and Linx).Chitika ads can be
aligned or placed side by side with other PPC advertising (Google Adsense etc).
Have affiliate programs (Payout $ 10).
Payout faster payments (support PayPal).

go directly to the main topic is Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher.

1. Log into the site as a Chitika Publisher. Click here.

2. In the form "Chitika Create Your Account" please register by entering data pal account. Fill in the verification code re CAPTCHA and when completed click Sign Up.

Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher

3. Wait for notification from Chitika via e-mail buddy list, if your account gets approved or rejection friend because my friend has not met the requirements of Chitika.

4. If no notification from Chitika that pal account has been approved, then the friend has become a Publisher can start by displaying ads Chitika Chitika Blog pal. Please just do Login.

5. After logging just buddy advertising from Chitika. Many advertising options from Chitika. But I will review one of them alone, for the rest please click own Go to the Ad Setup menu and click Get Started on the Text Ads.

Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher

6. On the next page, please set the display ads from the color, size and others. Once completed set, then click Get Code.

Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher

7. Buddy has been given a script advertiser. Please copy the scripts and plug in the Blog pal. Chitika ad has been installed in Blog pal.

Well to add other additional ad with a different look and interesting, please go to the Domains and Apps. There are 3 additional other advertising such as Links, Hover and Highlight accompanied by descriptions as functional descriptions that can be read for yourself mate. Please check additional desired ad and click Update.

Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher

Why Chitika ads not appearing?

Chitika ad was targeted for traffic from the following countries: US, CA, UK, GB, DE, IT, ES NL, DK, NO, SE. So if your traffic is traffic from countries other than the targets it will not appear. But you do not worry because soon will emerge from the program Chitika Ad Exchange that LAX will be placed where local advertisement.

LAX will work in two different ways, there will be Chitika | LAX to Desktop & Chitika | LAX for Mobile, local search traffic your standard home computer will see an ad that displays a map of the local business matches what they're looking for (searching) close to their country, as well as a list of local advertising will be visible.

Method and Timing of Payment Chitika

Commission payments from Chitika done with two options, namely transfer via Paypal and Check. For Paypal, the minimum payment is after the earnings (earnings) you reach $ 10 (ten dollars). Medium to check, the minimum is $ 50 (fifty dollars).

The payment schedule system uses net 30. That is, paid after 30 days. For example, if we got earning USD 10 on January 1, 2014, then the money will be sent to us on February 1, 2014 or usually at the end of each month to pay between 27-30 every month, so if you do not get a fee from Chitika at the beginning of the month , do not worry it's only a matter of time.

Oh yes at Chitika you must fill Tax Forms W-8BEN Chitika, if baseball is filled, as much as any earnings you get (even though hundreds of thousands of dollars) will never be delivered by the Chitika, well then how How to Charge Tax Forms W-8BEN Chitika ? wait for my next article ya, now want to take a break, tired day many activities so pretty up here first discussion Guide On How To Become New And Easy Sign in Chitika Publisher, and hopefully what is presented can be useful, and hunted register yourself so that you can dollar gain from this online business, and if no one wants to be asked about complaints from Chitika PPC registration you can fill with pleasure the comments field I try to help with the knowledge.

New Ways To Facilitate Getting Dollars online business Infolinks

Infolinks is an online business program pay per click such as Google AdSense.
infolinks provide a place for advertisers and publishers. advertiser get a chance to popularize the site or its products through a network of infolinks ads. while publishers earn money by advertising advertiser infolinks blog / web them,
New Ways To Facilitate Getting Dollars online business Infolinks
infolinks workings of different ads with adsense, namely the ad seeping into every keyword in your article posts, and the ads will appear by itself into the text of your post, this is one of the advantages possessed by infolingk. infolinks also provide a system of pay per click like most sites ppc, we get paid for every click that happens we our site, as well as the same calculation as google adsense.

How much revenue from Infolinks?
price per click advertising also depends on the advertiser, there are also ads the price of clicks up to $ 1, to get the expensive advertising, you should look for HPK (High Paying Keyword) Infolinks, where we will target a keyword that is expensive for us to apply to blog we are, in order of HPK Infolinks ads can appear.

advantage of infolinks ads that do not require advertising space, because infolinks ads will infiltrate into the text of your post, in addition to the pay-per-click of infolinks also somewhat quite high although still less with adsense, but be the best alternative when we failed to be approved adsense. in addition, the load infolinks ads load quickly, so much in vogue at the publisher. because the loading time can change or alter the performance of the blog visitors.

Preparation List Infolinks
For bloggers who intend to join the infolinks, before registering it's good buddy reading some notes on my experience this when registering infolinks success with ease. First and foremost there are some important preparations related to the blog which will be submitted to infolinks. Here are some of my notes on preparation sign infolinks:

Language blog
Not all languages ​​are supported by this site, such as the difficulty of registering google adsense problem with Indonesian some time ago it was also felt for some bloggers to register to infolinks. To make sure that the blog will be registered language has been supported by infolinks, to know what language that has supported infolinks please visit infolinks. The latest information I got from the site mention that while only two languages ​​are supported infolinks.

Content blog
Infolinks is not limiting in much of the blog publisher, however there are still minimum requirements that must be owned by a blog to become a publisher infolinks. In this regard I suggest the following:
Make sure that the posts (articles) of your blog is unique content. By setting up this unique content indirectly pal have stated that your blog has a strong base to attract the interest of visitors will become customers for the ads displayed. By having this unique article my friend also has distanced blog buddies of indications that illegal behavior is prohibited. In addition, I suggest that you make a post with a regular and scheduled.

Traffic blog
Upon receipt publisher infolinks I do not get information about traffic restrictions for the publisher, but traffic blog that is too small will not be approved by infolinks. Therefore I suggest at least my friend has 200 unique visitors per day before applying infolinks.
The design and look of the blog
Make sure the design and appearance of your blog already completed work on, make sure that the next few months there will be no significant changes in the design and look of the blog. This is because the more often pal change the design and look of the blog the worse the image of your blog in the eyes of search engines, I have proved this with studies in the last year. If a blog has a bad image in the eyes of search engines this certainly would not be good for infolinks and pal itself, of course.

Being Join Infolinks Publisher
To join a publisher infolinks way you do not need to be difficult and troublesome, just open, joint publisher and fill in the requested data, then your blog will wait for the review process at approved. To see some of my other records regarding this matter please refer to the description "Easy Way Up Infolinks".

Immediately, I was guided to New Ways To Facilitate Getting Dollars online business Infolinks.
How to register in Infolinks
Here are the steps to create an account on Infolinks.

1. Create an account by visiting You can also use Facebook you to create an account Infolinks. See the following picture:
New Ways To Facilitate Getting Dollars online business Infolinks

2. After filling forms, click Join, and you will get a code to copy to your blog.
New Ways To Facilitate Getting Dollars online business Infolinks

3. Paste the code anywhere in the <body> on blog / website.

4. Your site will be approved within 48 hours and your ad will automatically appear after the blog is approved.

5. Once you create an account, go to the Admin Panel There by clicking the Login> Infolinks Publisher on the main page.

6. After a successful login, you will be directed to the dashboard of your Infolinks Publisher Center. 

Here you can check your account information and notifications. You can also see earnings reports by date, or since the last payment. You can also update the settings payout (payout) or personal information. Here too there are options such as Integrated, Customize, Account and Add New Blogs / Websites and so forth.
There is no limit on how much you can earn from Infolinks ads in other words up to you and the quality of your blog. So you need to have a website / blog with high traffic and proper placement infolink code as a brief explanation above.

Payment / payout Infolink
You can choose the method of payment on the Payment Settings on the dashboard of your infolinks account.
According to the terms of service of Infolinks, they make payment no later than 45 days after the end of the month after your earnings reach the minimum payout is $ 50 if using Paypal or $ 100 if using Bank Wire and Western Union.
Infolink also offers several other ways to make it easier for publishers to receive their payment is by Paypal, bank wire, eCheck, Western Union or Payoneer etc.

Similarly, a brief review of the New Ways To Facilitate Getting Dollars online business Infolinks, hopefully what has been discussed can be useful to readers, and hunted register yourself so that you can get a dollar from online business infoliks this, do not wait for later, manual registration of existing you stay straight practice, and if you are not clear please ask in the comments field I gladly ready to help so that you can succeed in this online business.

Quick and Easy Ways to Getting Dollar In Shorte.ST Best Alternative Short Link From Adf.Ly

Welcome to bloggers, this time I shared a tutorial how to get money from the internet via the Link Shortener. Link shortener I will wear this time is Of course, before doing this tutorial you should have a blog first. To create a blog please read How to Make Blog.

What it is a web services provider Link Shortener (shortening the link address) the highest paid.

Quick and Easy Ways to Getting Dollar In Shorte.ST Best Alternative Short Link From Adf.Ly

What Advantages of Using
The advantage is that your link will be short and save space, and you also get paid. I purposely allot Link Shortener because Link Shortener is the highest-paid, compared with,, and others.

How to Apply
It's easy once namely:

  • Open Shorte or via the web directly here.
  • Click "Start Earning Money".
Quick and Easy Ways to Getting Dollar In Shorte.ST Best Alternative Short Link From Adf.Ly
  • You can register by email or can also use facebook.
Quick and Easy Ways to Getting Dollar In Shorte.ST Best Alternative Short Link From Adf.Ly
  • A confirmation email will be sent to your email.
Quick and Easy Ways to Getting Dollar In Shorte.ST Best Alternative Short Link From Adf.Ly
  • Go to your email and a confirmation email from by clicking "Click Here" or by copying the link below into the address bar.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully registered in

How to Use
You only need to enter your link in link shortener box (in the top) and click Shorten.

You may insert any links, for example: your Blog Link, Link your articles, download links, and all kinds of links.

After you click Shorten now copy the link you get, and share anywhere that a user clicks on the link. If you get a lot of clicks, then the money you could also growing. Good luck and good luck ^ _ ^

Quick and Easy Ways Gets Dollars in PPD File Upload ShareCash 2015

I explain a little bit how they get those dollars through the site are willing to pay members. Sharecash a website Pay Per Download (PPD). How it works in ShareCash is uploaded files in the file ShareCash then we promote the use of links that we get from sharecahs.

Quick and Easy Ways Gets Dollars in PPD File Upload ShareCash 2015
Every person who downloads the files that you have uploaded earlier, then sharecash will provide payments to members of the file owner. Why do they want to pay only to download files through sharecash? Because sharecash itself has been paid by the adviser or the advertiser by completing multiple surveys.

The size of the fee is based on the geographical, each country is different. If the country of France who download our files, the amount received amounted to $ 14 per download. If from the Italian state about $ 5 per download. State of the USA approximately $ 1 per download. Of the Indonesian state about $ 0.5 per download.

The way to do that is very simple, that is by putting the download link in the article to your blog or website. Use web / blog with the English language to be easily understood by countries outside Indonesia.

To get the dollars for free, you can use the platform provided by blogspot, wordpress etc. or can also use your own domain. The point is to bring a lot of traffic to your website / blog, try using English content.

But this time I will not discuss at length about sharecash. Now it's time for me to share about how sharecash list that has been requested by some friends via e-mail. If so, go see how below.

Quick and Easy Ways Gets Dollars in PPD File Upload ShareCash 2015

  • Then fill complete data
Quick and Easy Ways Gets Dollars in PPD File Upload ShareCash 2015

  • click Register
  • finished

Payment Terms:

Prepaid MasterCard - Minimum: $20
International Local Bank Transfer - Minimum: $50

Minimum: $10.00

Payza (AlertPay) 
Minimum: $10.00

Bank Wire Transfers
Domestic and International - Minimum $100.00
Domestic Fees: No Fee
International Fees: $35.00

Minimum $50.00
PayPal payments may be sent up until the 20th-25th

Bank Wire Transfers
Domestic and International - Minimum $100.00
Domestic Fees: No Fee
International Fees: $35.00

Domestic Minimum $50.00
Domestic Fee: $2.50
Domestic delivery time: 5-7 days via regular mail
International Minimum: $100.00
International Fee: $4.95
International delivery time: 15-21 days via regular mail

Please try, especially for those who like uploading videos, files, music, etc., the list goes on mending our file upload continues to spread, we just wait how many reports dollars into our account ..
do not wait for later, just register here ..

if you have difficulty in registering, please ask in the comments field..


Surely my friends very often come across on the Internet site Ly adf. Especially for sites that provide the Links download on its website.

Adf Ly is one way that is usually done by the blogger to earn income from activities and its willingness to provide information on the Internet. So basically, visitors Blog and Blog owners alike equally benefited. Blog visitors received information from the owner of the blog to share, and blog owners to earn money from blog visitors.
How it works Adf Ly basically just shorten URLs that we share. So that when a visitor clicks on a particular link, visitors will be taken first to the site Adf Ly, before finally brought to the destination site. Well, this is where our actual income, pay us because we brought them the visitors.
Although arguably income, actual income earned is small, namely only about 0,000X dollars (or about two to four rupiah - before the redenomination of currency) for each URL that visitors click. very few indeed. So this is only suitable in use as a side job, if it is to generate income from blogging activity. But from the little that, after a long time will be a hill.
If you need a picture related to the size of income, you can open a list of income article first months. There you will see how small the income of But make no mistake, because if you can use well, you could earn a greater income. Maybe you could take a lesson from successful sites with as that could generate millions of rupiah per month just to shorten URLs. Income Site.

How to Download or Passing Adf Ly
When we find a site that leads us to Adf Ly, look we will see something like the picture below. Sometimes in the middle appears advertisements from advertisers who collaborated with


When we want to get to the destination URL. Actually, we only have to wait about five seconds to Appear or SKIP SKIP AD. Then Live Click, then we will be brought to the site that we wanted.

Create Account Adf Ly

For friends who are interested in? Create Account Adf Ly, In this section will be introduced tutorial:
First of all go to site, please click HERE.
Click Join Now.
Fill the data username, email, password until Chapta code that is provided. Do not forget to check I Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then click Join.


Then Sign in to your email account for a verification.
Done and your Account Created.
Try to Log In Using Adf Ly your account.
Start your URL shortening was to multiply and spread its links so that greater opportunities to On Click.

We also have to fill in the Personal Data adf account, about which we use paypal. But if we do not have it, we can also fill it later, when we have a lot of accumulated dollar.

Accepting Payments
Adf Ly, will pay us through an online account that we have (eg paypal account) every one to three at the beginning of the month. Online accounts, especially paypal can be associated with a local bank account that we have in Indonesia. Because this time, paypal greatly facilitate the withdrawal of money from his account. We can withdraw funds from a PayPal account to a local account even though we are still in the nonverivikasi account (because it has no credit cards).

To create an online account, ideally we need to use a credit card. But we are still allowed to make and use the online account even without a credit card. Read one article neighbors are already very good at explaining the manufacture of a paypal account without a credit card to make a Paypal Account Without a Credit Card.

Due to a long Spelled in collecting dollars using adf ly .. hayooo, Start lists and shorten URLs from now, so that we can quickly gather purse - purse dollars ..

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get dollars in propellerads


Is my friend when online just play - play it.? if so, let's try a little change, so it is not just an online course, we can even earn money. Origin buddy know, a lot of internet business there and free again, capitalized blog or website we can reap dollars from the many visitors who attended in our blog, ok we just discussed such as the title of the theme is written, well his name propellerads.
what it propellerads .. ??


PropellerAds is a web advertising provider that provides services Publishers and will be paid. PropellerAds also can be said of Google Adsense Alternative, this ad is suitable for web Downloads, Music, Games, Software, Movies for all Banner ads posted or is the link Download.

If you fail in the registration of Google Adsense you should not be discouraged because you can earn the same as in Google Adsense to advertise PropellerAds. Such as web / blog download mp3 or software because many blogs that theme download mp3 rarely put Google Adsense ads, because it is considered the Google Adsense TOS violation.

So what are you waiting? Game list at PropellerAds.

How to Apply in PropellerAds:

1. Please go to HERE
2. Then click Sign Up Publisher.


3. Please fill in the following biographical data: (If you do not have Skype, can fill in origin, but can remember when the blog registered more than one)


4. Then check the User and Password in your email.

5. Then Log in PropellerAds => Then click Sites => click Add


6. Then fill the domain with a link blog / site you => Submit


7. And wait pal blog or website approved, usually 1 days to be approved.
8. Once the verification is completed / approved, please select the method of advertising a buddy want and then plug in the Blog pal.

9. Done

Buddy just waiting for the incoming dollars in purse purse pal account, remember the number of visitors to the blog greatly affect revenue dollars in the pockets of my friend, so do not be lazy to post on your blog.
ok so just buddies, game list and do not wait for later.
and hopefully useful this blog post, and good luck ..

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RevenueHits Review | Google Adsense is the best advertising network in the world today, but not everyone is lucky to be a publisher. If you are one of the only, you should not lose heart, because there are many other alternative advertising providers that provide high pay. One is RevenueHits. See also H12 Media PPC Alternative Substitute For Google Adsense.

RevenueHits is an ad network that is managed by a company start-up MyAdWise Ltd based in Israel. Launched since 2008, and currently has over 2 billion impressions every day. Unlike the Google Adsense based PPC (Pay Per Click), RevenueHits an ad-performance network that will calculate revenue based on three things: Advertisement CPC = Cost Per Click Pay each time someone clicks on one ad unit you. CPM Advertisement = Cost per mile pay per thousand ad impressions (Cost per Thousand Impressions) .CPA = Cost per action Pay based on user engagement on advertiser ad campaign. Eg downloading applications, subscribe to newsletters and so on. With the method of calculation as above, on the highest level you can earn $ 15 to $ 30 per day. But of course this depends on Geo location, traffic sources and landing pages etc.
This type of advertising that is provided by RevenueHits:

There are several types of advertising, namely:
Advertising banner
Slider ad
Pop Under
Ads Footer
And many others
Depending on the preferences buddy, pal can choose one from it. Pal revenue depends on the performance of the ad, therefore, man must ensure that the buddy completely changed the blog visitor traffic / traffic / visitor to your blog. If my friend can not do that then it is likely that the dollar will be little buddy.

Payment methods From Revenuehits:

Paypal its Minimum Payout $ 20Wire Transfer his Minimum Payout $ 500Payoneer its $ 20 Minimum Payout

Ok we just peel, let ga curious again and curious want to try to get a dollar.
How to Apply Revenuehits And his publisher

1. First Open / click:
2. then click Join Now
3. input the data such as the name, the name of your website, the url of the website / blog,


4. if you've filled all of his you live click next step, then you will go to step 2
5. if you've signed up you just open the e-mail you to get activated, then login to revenuehits to put his ads on a website / blog.

How to Install Ads From Revenuehits:

1. Login Revenuehits
2. To Placement
3. Select the type of ad that you like, or who feel comfortable with the criteria of your blog

Example: banner, popunder, slider, Shadowbox, top banner, 158 * 21 buttons, footer, interstital, up buddy want to choose which


4. If you have installed its placement just click </> in order to obtain the ad code that can be put on your blog.


5. then click </> will appear code and copy the code Example


 6. after it goes into your blogger account >>> >>> add layout gadget / widget >>> paste its code of revenuehits Example:


7. Then click save and try to see its results.
8. coffers just waiting for the dollar sign in to your account.

Thus the discussion about getting dollars in revenuehits, good luck buddy and good luck collecting dollars in a short time (remember the number of blog visitors greatly affect the tablets, so the game make your blog into a crowded)
ok so first and thank you ..

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