ASUS ROG GX800 Spec And Review

Asus Rog GX800 gaming laptops are the best in the world with a special docking cooled water (cooling water) that is not owned by any other gaming laptop in the world. Docking special water cooling performance helps you achieve the impossible can be achieved by other gaming laptops. This increased performance can be achieved thanks to the efficiency of cooling to 160% cooler than its predecessor. With the latest features and technologies that will bring the gaming experience to the highest level. ROG GX800, the gaming laptop with a spectacular performance and unmatched. Supported the best hardware with Intel processors 7th generation (7820HK) which can be overclocked, dual graphics card GeForce GTX1080 SLI, Memory 64GB ram DDR 5.3 x 512 GB NVME PCIE SSD and Windows 10 home makes the GX800 as the best gaming laptop has the best performance among all the other gaming laptops.

ROG GX800 adopt the latest graphics card technology with dual graphics cards GeForce GTX1080 SLI, you can play the entire game AAA today with a very smooth and comfortable even with a resolution of 4K / UHD very comfortable ..... No lag or stutter!

Asus ROG GX800 juxtaposed with the fastest processor today, Intel i7 - 7820HK with 3.6GHz default clock. You can easily overclock it using ROG Gaming Center to rate 4,6Ghz to deliver the performance of a very stable and fast when running all kinds of applicationsSuper fast memory modules, 64GB DDR4 which can also be overclocked up to 2800mhz on ROG GX800 gives you extra power while running a variety of applications multitasking. ROG GX800 is equipped with a data storage capacity of 3 x 512GB NVME PCIE SSD. These components deliver the performance 2X speed of SSD in general. Discover the best multimedia experience on the screen 18 "with real 4K UHD resolution (3840x2160)And to prove that you can play AAA with a resolution of 4K Real UHD. Game GTA V with ultra setting the right price you can still get a run with an average FPS over 100. In addition, the monitor is also equipped with G-SYNC. ROG GX800 gaming experience VR awesome. You can play the game Eve with the average 90 FPS. It is a fantastic figure!

Asus ROG GX800 is also equipped with 3.0 Thunderbolt connections that can transmit data at speeds up to 40Gb per second. ROG GX800 also carries trinity display and can also be connected to an external monitor with a resolution of 4K UHD blessing of Thunderbolt technology 3.0. ROG GX800 features the ROG AURA where you can set and choose the color as you wishThere are more than 8 million color customization options for you to choose. Asus ROG GX800 is one of the first products ROG gaming laptop that uses MECHTAG (mechanical keyboard). The keyboard also has anti-ghosting feature is the best keyboard for gaming. ROG GX800 also has a dedicated external WiFi antenna, which can increase the coverage area of up to 145% of the normal range wifi laptop in general. And of course ROG GX800 is also equipped with support for Internet network connection 5G. ROG GX800 has a view of bio armor design that pamper your eyes with the distinctive look of ROG design. ROG GX800 has a sound ESS Sabre technology to produce low-noise sound quality with high definition audio support for 32-bit / 384khz. ROG GX800 also has a 7.1 audio sound technology to provide gaming athmosphere that feels real and real when you are in every battle.

ROG GX800 has a macro keys that can be set for every need you in playing the game. With a special button XSplit just one touch to stream and show your greatness to friends. ROG GX800 also has GameFirst IV, a software support to improve and regulate the internet bandwidth used during game play. ROG GX800 equipped with a special suitcase and backpack to carry wherever you go GX800 ROG complete with headset and mouse.

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