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Performance air filter or air intake kit is one of the very important components that exist on a motor vehicle. With the presence of this component on the vehicle you can raise and lower the vehicle performance. Here is the function of the air filter on a vehicle that you can know.

Function performance air filters on motorcycles and cars:

  • Filter dirty air into the combustion chamber
  • Maintaining the quality of air enters the combustion chamber is kept clean
  • Keep the engine from damage caused by dirt that enters the combustion chamber
Once we know the function of air intake kit or air filter on a vehicle, so now we will discuss how this air filter can increase and decrease vehicle performance.

When the machine is turned on, the vacuum will suck the air/oxygen into the combustion chamber, if air enters the combustion chamber carrying particles can not be burned in the combustion chamber, the dirt was going to form crusts attached to the piston head, manifold, valve and combustion chamber around the other.
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If the components in the combustion chamber is filled by a crust then what happens is a decrease in vehicle performance, the vehicle should not produce smoke, will appear smoke from the oil entering the combustion chamber due to scratches on the piston, if it is severe vehicle can breaking down suddenly anytime and anywhere.

So in fact the. easy way to maintain optimum vehicle performance one of them is keep the cleanliness of air filter can be a way to clean air filter regularly factory default. Speaking performance air intake kit supplier, this time I will give you the reference if you want to buy the best performance air filter for your car, one of the best performance air intake kit supplier is K&N Engineering, for more details please read this review.

K&N Engineering, of Riverside, California is one of the creators and leaders in the discovery of the use of air filters made from cotton which can be used over and over again in a motor vehicle. Starting from humble family business 40 years ago, K&N now is an operating company with global scale and has headquarters in the USA, the UK and the Netherlands.

The head office and main factory of K & N is located in Riverside, California with an area of up to 400,000 square feet. Warehouse management and delivery with automated systems work in sync with the system of business management to deliver the best results at the time of production, delivery and sales.

K&N INC still remain as one of the modern family enterprise by promoting a mindset that continues to advance and maintain the spirit and enthusiasm to the world of motorsport. The spirit and mindset as it has always been a reflection of doing business K&N, either in running productivity, management and development.

On this day, the K&N recorded as a market leader and become one of the leading brands on product performance air filter in the world. K&N still maintaining a wide variety of products to exceed the 3,500 stock types. It includes universal air filter, oil filter, air filter replacement, replacement air filters and a variety of other filters. K&N has sold more than 30 million air filter that can be washed since 1969Reputation and good quality through maximum development has made K&N air filter into products renowned in the world and always get a good place in the hearts of buyers and users. Well here's depiction why you should choose and buy K&N performance air filter for your favorite car, because so many options that can be chosen and you just need to adjust with your car, such as:
And many more air intake kit released by K & N for cars in the market, if the options above do not represent the car you have, then you can see the video that later on I will give at the end of this article, so you just adjust the K & N air intake kit for the type of car you are looking for. And for those of you who have been watching reviews of products from my channel youtube, so now you can buy it, but if you do not find a product that is featured on my youtube videos, then you can search and select on search engine amazon product below to search for products you are searching and want, you do not have to worry when shopping through this site because this site is a partner of the largest online store, the amazon online store.

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Okay, maybe just this information from me that could be given to you, hopefully to help you who are confused to find performance air filters the best, and of course a product with the best sales I gave as a reference for you to buy it, and hopefully useful posts I wrote this briefly, and do not forget you can also share it with others if this article can help other peopleAnd lastly, here's a video tutorial on how to purchase auto parts that you can make a reference when shopping for auto parts on online store, an outline of this tutorial video you can apply to the entire vehicle parts, you just write the keyword of products that are on search on amazon search engine that has been provided on this website. And hopefully you will find and can buy any product you wantthanks for visiting my website.

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